Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And So It Starts

Good evening everyone. This is a new experience for me, blog writing. Basically boils down to wanting to get back in touch with my college days of writing and a great way to vent out the stresses of my day.

Well today was the just another of my many days that i wish i had written about. Lets just say I'm four months behind schedule considering I have been putting up with four straight months of pure, grade A, premium Bull Shit!!! Let me back up for a second here. Ever have one of those days where you ask yourself, " what the hell am I doing here?". Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my life. Its the life of an American soldier who is suppose to make a difference by protecting the American way of life for those who live in the greatest country in the world. So where am I? Iraq, and every day i ask myself, " what the hell am I doing here?".
My blogs are going to be, for the most part, about the nonsense i put up with on a day to day basis while "fighting" the war on terror in the "hostile" country of Iraq!